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We are like that hard to find but unforgettable restaurant that you find off the beaten path.  Nothing fancy or extravagant, but exactly what you went there for...excellence with spectacular hospitality. 

You won't find a flashy multi-million dollar facility or overdressed pushy sales people.  Our exterior is simple and practical.  All of our time, effort, and money is spent on the product, the great service, and exceptional hospitality.  All cars and car dealers weren't created equal.  Just ask our customers and employees and they'll tell you who the best is.

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Have you ever wonder about how accurate the Kelley Blue Book is?   Many people turn to KBB or NADA to find out how much a car is worth.  The truth is, that many car buyers are surprised when they are ready to buy a vehicle and find out... (Read More...)

IT'S SUMMER!Don't be like Lana Del Rey and avoid Summertime Sadness with this quick auto tip.We have all heard that popular song Summertime Sadness by artist Lana Del Rey, which has nothing to do with cars by the way, but we want you to be safe and avoid... (Read More...)

These habits will devalue your car! As we all know, the more you drive your car, the more mileage and the less money it is worth. But did you know that there are other factors that devaluate your vehicle? Here is a list of 5 habits we don’t... (Read More...)

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